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Mask Comparison Table


Mask Type Cloth 3 Ply KN95
Washable Cloth Face Mask, Cloth Face Covering
Face Mask, 3 Ply Face Mask, Dust Mask Sale, KN95 Masks for Coronavirus
Intended Use Helps protects others but doesn't have a filter- NOT Fluid Resistant  Fluid Resistant and some filtration. Protects others from respiratory emissions. Filters out 95% of airborne particulate. Fluid resistant.
Fit and Seal on Face Loose Fitting Loose Fitting Tight Fitting
Filtration Low filtration- protects face from hands Moderate High if worn properly
Leakage Leakage through mask Leakage around mask upon inhalation Minimal leakage upon inhalation
Use Limitations Wash after each use Disposable Disposable